Lynn Hudson’s Recital Event Information


Events Participation in our twice-yearly recitals is highly encouraged for all students, regardless of age or level. Performance is a very important part of private music lessons, and gives students a chance to show off what they have learned.  It also teaches students how to be a good audience member, encouraging and appreciative.  I strive to provide a recital venue and atmosphere that is supportive and professional.  Singers perform with a professional accompanist, and pianists perform on a beautiful grand piano that is tuned and in perfect repair.  Parents are encouraged to take photos and video during the performance, and a special space is allocated for this.  All this is followed by a festive reception and a chance for congratulations and further recognition of student accomplishment. Students look forward to my recitals!

See you very soon. Lynn Hudson


Leaving from Melody Music Studios in Cary Take North Harrison Avenue in Cary to I-40 west Merge onto I-40 west towards Durham / Chapel Hill

Merge onto 540-East and exit 283-B towards US-70

Take the Leesville Road exit 7

Turn right onto Leesville Road

Take the first left onto Strickland Road

Turn right onto Ray Road

entrance is one tenth of a Mile on right

The church is not in the front but behind the first building

you see as you enter the drive way.

Call if you get lost please call 919-302-8457

Driving Directions from Melody Music Studios in Cary

Church of the Nativity Map

Melody Music Cary

Melody Music Cary was founded in 2000 by Lynn Hudson to help music students of all ages and levels achieve their very best. The ultimate goal of the Melody Music Cary Music School is to present the student with a well-rounded curriculum, including all aspects of making music, such as music theory, ear training, repertoire and proper healthy techniques. Voice students are taught the proper way to sing without straining their voice. Our singers page offers additional information on the Solfeggio method. Melody Music Cary

Solfege, Solfeggio, Sol-fa, Fasola, Shape Note Singing and sight singing are all terms used to describe a system that was developed to provide the singer with a visual clue for which note to sing. This is achieved either with hand signals or sheet music which uses notes that instead of being oval in shape, are designated with shapes like triangle, square, diamond, etc., or a combination of both hand signals and written music. The system is generally accredited to Guido d’ Arezzo (associated symbols ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la and the term “Guidonian Hand”) who created this method of allocating shapes to notes on the scale in an effort to help his monks learn chants and melodies for the mass.

Shape note singing has undergone many changes with each adoptive country adapting symbols and systems to suit their preferred methods of teaching and vocal styles. It is said that the English style originally had only four syllables (fa-so-la-mi) which is also popular among the ‘Sacred Harp’ singing hobbyists in the US and abroad, the French changed Guido d’ Arezzo’s tonic note from Ut, to Do and added Ti for the last note in the scale, and the Italians used seven syllables (do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do).

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[schema type=”event” evtype=”MusicEvent” url=”” name=”Melody Music Studios Spring Recital” description=”Melody Music Studios Spring Recital held at the Church of the Nativity” sdate=”2015-06-20″ stime=”02:00 pm” edate=”2015-06-20″ duration=”03:00″ street=”8849 Ray Rd, Raleigh, NC 27613 (919) 846-8338″ city=”Raleigh” state=”NC” postalcode=”27613″ country=”US” ]

Lynn Hudson’s Recital Information

Our Fall Recital Event
will be held on November 23, 2019, at 2:00 pm
The Church of the Nativity in Raleigh, NC

Church of the Nativity, 8849 Ray Road, Raleigh, NC 27613

Click on the Google Map below.

Call if you get lost please call 919-302-8457 or 919-523-8815