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Piano Lessons

I am glad you have decided to learn how to play the piano. Music is a gift that will last you a lifetime and the piano is a key instrument in making music. Your piano lessons are held once a week for 30 minutes and 60 minutes for advanced students. You will learn proper techniques, music theory, how to read music and play the piano at the same time.

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What Is Piano Fingering?

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    Piano fingering refers to finger placement on the piano keyboard, and the hand techniques used to play the piano.
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  • Fingered piano music marks each note with a number that corresponds to one of the five fingers.

Reading Fingered Piano Music

You will see numbers 1-5 written above or below in scales and songs. These numbers correspond to your five fingers and tell you which finger presses which key. Finger numbering for both hands goes as follows:

Thumb: 1
Index Finger: 2
Middle Finger: 3
Ring Finger: 4
Pinky Finger: 5